The Biggest Casinos In Africa

Many people are planning a short trip further south every day in a few months. When the northern hemisphere experiences the coldness of winter, those who live in the southern hemisphere enjoy summer. For those looking to experience an incredible new casino while escaping the winter chill, Africa is a smarter and increasingly popular destination for tourists wishing to enjoy the perks of a popular continent for the holidays. Although this continent offers a pleasant climate, a rich and varied landscape with many cultures, it does not only invite you to escape the winter. There are countless activities available on site and gambling in a casino is one of those little tourist pleasures.

The Grand Bay In Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most popular island countries to visit in Africa. Located in the east of Madagascar, it enjoys a pleasant tropical climate and offers its visitors many wide sandy beaches. If you are a casino player and you go to this island, we can only advise you to go to the city of Grand Baie, renowned as the destination par excellence in Mauritius due to the presence of its restaurants, luxury hotels, shops, bars and nightclubs. But this place is also home to the Ti Vegas Casino, the casino easily accessible from the airport and located on the northern part of it.

Be careful, however, not to arrive in slide socks or flip flops and swim shorts, because the dress code is rather chic / casual, even if admission is free. You will be able to hear all European languages ​​spoken there, but also a lot of English and you will be able to have the chance to fall during the competition period of the famous World Poker Tour tournament. Indeed, the most popular card game played at Ti Vegas Casino is Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, a card game that many are already familiar with.

The Mazagan Beach Resort In Morocco

The Mazagan Beach Resort hosts the largest casino in Morocco. This establishment, located in the north of the continent, offers more than 400 slot machines and no less than 60 gaming tables, each as prestigious as the next. You will very quickly find yourself in players’ paradise with the possibility of giving up on blackjack, English roulette or even Baccarat. Mazagan Beach was recently voted the most beautiful casino in North Africa. And to deserve this title, we can say that it gives itself the means since it offers players an area of ​​more than 3,000 m². As part of the Mazagan Beach Resort, we find ourselves here facing a vast project located on one of the most beautiful Moroccan tourist sites on the Atlantic coast.

Located just 84 km southwest of Casablanca, this complex is managed by the South African company Kerzner International, which also manages the Sun City, of which we will reveal all the secrets below, and is under the supervision of of the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion and the Maroco Emiratie de Développement Company. This program includes even more hotels, apartments, villas, golf courses and shops.

The Sun City Resort In South Africa

South Africa had passed the Gambling Act in 1965. It was in fact a repressive law which had the effect of banning all activities related to gambling on the Internet. except horse racing betting. However, this was not really effective and in no way prevented casinos from offering gambling illegally. It was not until 1994, when South Africa became a democracy, that all forms of gambling were legalized when there were already more than 2,000 illegal casinos there.